The Artificer of the Gods

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The Artificer of the Gods is an Event in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Completing these events can yield special bonuses and rewards and the choices you make will ultimately affect certain features like the Morality Chart and the loyalty for the heroes that have joined the Round Table, some choices grants bonuses and some have consequences.


I had a visitor, the mysterious blacksmith we set free from the Witch Queen's camp. He is the last of his kind, the descendant of the weaponsmiths who once forged the arms of the Sidhe. All the secrets about mending and crafting arcane weaponry could make us even more powerful.


How to Discover the The Artificer of the Gods Event

A player must meet these conditions in order to trigger this event:


The Artificer of the Gods Event Location

  • This event takes place in: Camelot


The Artificer of the Gods Event Choices

  • Invite the blacksmith to the court. (Enchanted Tower Upgrade: Artificer)


The Artificer of the Gods Event Notes, Tips, & Trivia

  • ??
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia goes here.



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