Sir Tewelyn

The Lost, Melee

sir tewelyn bosses icon king arthur knights tale wiki guide 150px
base damage stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 2-3 vitality stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 10
hit points stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 0 armor stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 2/2
action points stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 0/5 block new stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 0%
physical debuff stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 0% mental resistance stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px 0%

Sir Tewelyn is a Boss in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Bosses can be encountered during Main Missions and Side Missions during final Boss fights, which differentiate them from regular Enemies. During boss fights, their HP and Vitality will be displayed on the top of the screen during combat. They usually have increased health and stats, a unique style of combat and may be accompanied by a set of enemies.


Sir Tewelyn Information

Sir Tewelyn Immunities

  • Poison Immunity
  • Knockdown Immunity
  • Bleeding Immunity
  • Knockback Immunity
  • Knockback Immunity
  • Mass HP - (Grants +20% Temporary HP to all Allies)
  • Stone Shell

Sir Tewelyn Description

Sir Tewelyn was once a noble warrior with two sons, both knights. Now, just a knight in rusty armour who was midnight incarnated. He can be encountered throughout different Missions and may be encountered with additional attributes, immunities, skills and an increased set of stats. 


Sir Tewelyn Mission Encounters

Main Missions:

Side Missions:


Sir Tewelyn Boss Guide

Sir Tewelyn Skills

  • Strike: A single Melee Attackarmor break weapon stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide10 base damage stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px  4-6, AP Cost: 3
  • Raise Dead: Instatnly raises all Lost Units currently being reanimated. (Spell) Cooldown: 2 turns, Range: 10, AP Cost: 2
  • Fire Storm: Targets an area of 4*4 Tiles. After 1 Turn delay, deals massive Damage in the targeted Area. (Ranged, Spell) Cooldown: 3 turns, Range: 20, AP Cost: 5
  • Earth Shaker: Choose a unit. Earth Shaker deals 120% Weapon Damage to chosen unit and everyone along its bath. Cannot be Blocked.  (Ramgedarmor break weapon stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 10 base damage stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px  4-7) Cooldown: 3 turns, Range: 4, AP Cost: 6

Sir Tewelyn Notes & Tips

  • Dialogue: I am just a walking corpse, cheat out of his death. And I will make everyone suffer for this injustice. 

Sir Tewelyn Guide


This fight begins in close proximity to Sir Tewelyn and his guards. Clear the closest members within range with a regular strike. Move towards any enemies till they are within range and continue to strike until their HP is depleted and you have cleared the battle. Clearing him should only take a few Strikes or attacks since this is during the prologue of the game. 

The Return

Sir Tewelyn returns as the main objective during the Side Mission, the Return. 

The quest marker to Sir Tewelyn will appear at the south part of the map after completing the first set of objectives, head there and you will finally encounter Sir Tewelyn. You will have a short conversation with him before you engage in battle. There will be other Lost enemies around the area surrounding you during this encounter, it is best to take out the archers with your ranged heroes as quickly as possible as they will become a hindrance the longer the battle goes on. Do not allow them to remain in the downed state for long during this battle since Sir Tewelyn has the ability to Raise Dead which can allow him ot raise all  Lost units. Clear the area to finish the mission. 


The Horn of the Dauntless

During this mission, your main objective is to stop Tewelyn before it's too late. You must complete a series of objectives found on the map, clearing the area, before you can finally face him again. There will be a lot of The Lost to clear here. Sir Tewelyn appears at your last objective marker on the map. Once all objectives are cleared you can make your way towards him. 

You can now head over to the last quest marker indicated on your map. Upon reaching the area you will encounter Sir Tewelyn, and after a short dialogue, the battle will begin. During this encounter you may find that he has additional immunities and skills, so you may have to make adjustments to how the heroes approach the battle. This includes Mass HP which now grants +20% Temporary HP to all Allies and new strong skills such as Fire Storm and Earth Shaker which can deal devastating damage when targeted. Keep an eye out for the target markers on the floor and attempt to stay out of his line of sight using the ruins at the location as much as possible while you clear the arena. Enemies will spawn and start rising from the ground. This area provides a lot of cover so you should take advantage of the terrain to hide, maneuver, and position your heroes. All the enemies are positioned in front of your heroes in a widespread manner, so its best to clear them individually before finally finishing off Sir Tewelyn again.

The Battle of the Chasm

Your finally objective during this side mission will be to defeat Sir Tewelyn. Enter the last objective location marked with a flag to begin a dialogue with Sir Tewelyn. During this fight, be mindful of the closed space your have. You may want to quickly clear those in the room first before defeating with the rest. Take a hero to also prioritize the Bone Totems posisions on opposite corners of the arena. 

Because of how enclosed the space is, the other enemies are also forced to enter through a choke point, which may allow you to clear them as they approach, the small area also allows Sir Tewelyn's Fire Storm skill to take up a lot of space in the arena, so make sure your heroes do not get trapped. Continue to clear the enemsi and advance towards the totem, keeping the rest pinned on Sir Tewelyn until the area is cleared. His defeat will leave you with the decision to deal with him.


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