Self Trainer

Effect: The Hero gains some XP even when they don’t go to a Mission.

Self Trainer is a Trait (Personality Trait) in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Traits are the various personalities of the playable/recruitable Heroes of the game, these are additional and unique Passive Bonus Effect/s that a Hero can benefit either for themselves, for the team, or even towards providing support to the various Buildings within Camelot. Traits are permanent and cannot be changed.


Self Trainer Trait Information


How to Find the Self Trainer Trait

  • The Self Trainer Personality Trait can be found under Sir Damas' profile.
  • In order to view the Traits of your Heroes, you must be on the Adventure Map. Viewing the page of a Hero can only be done when you are not on a Mission. Simply click on the portrait icon of the Hero you want to view which is the list of  "Active" members which is at the lower center of the screen, and hover your mouse on the indicated Trait to view its description or effect.


Self Trainer Trait Tips & Notes

  • Self Trainer King Arthur: Knight's Tale Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia.



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