Into the Deepwood is a Main Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The Into the Deepwood mission is part of Act 3 and it is located at Deepwood. The mani objective will be to explore the Deepwood. Sir Mordred is a required hero for this mission. Completing this mission unlocks the next Main Mission, Beyond the Veil, the following side mission/s Cave of Shadows and The Wild Hunt , as well as Events such as The Wild Hunt Begins and A Flood of Rotten Flesh. For a list of all available missions, click here.

General Information


Into the Deepwood Map

map into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 300px


NPCs in the Area

  • Druid 
  • Sir Gawain


  • n/a


  • Bonus Reward: High amount of experience

Building Resources

  • +300

Recruitable Heroes

  • n/a



Enemy Type: Pict, Seelie



  • Notes go here

Full Into the Deepwood Walkthrough

Main Mission Introduction

"I must enter the Deepwood, the impenetrable forest of the Sidhe. First I need to find a guide to take me in. There is an abandoned village on the brink fo the magical woods. Local legends tell met hat it might be the entrance to the twilight realm. I am supposed to find the Faerie Knight there, a Seelie warrior who chose to live a human life. He could be my perfect guide. "

Main Mission Completed Description

"We ventured into the Deepwood and found an entire realm among the trees. This region of the Sidhe forest was a crossroads between various worlds and it was a challenge not to get lost in the twilight. But at least now I know that I need to undertake two tries to enter the heart of the Deepwood."

Into the Deepwood Main Mission Objectives

  • Visit the Sacred Circle
  • Find the unknown knight
  • Sir Gawain must Survive
  • Kill the Seelie Lord for his blood
  • Ask the druid to call the Unseelie
  • Kill the Lady of Winter for her blood
  • Enter the Deepwood
  • Visit the Sidhe Shrine
  • Kill the guardians of the gate
  • Leave the Deepwood through the gate

Side Objectives

  • Save the hunter
  • Investigate the Unseelie murders
  • Light the Sidhe wisp Lanterns (3) 

Events that occur during the Main Mission, Into the Deepwood.

  • n/a


Find the Unknown Knight

first into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

This mission begins with a dialogue with the Druid. You will then be given your objectives. Head forward (east) to enter  the Abandoned Village and begin combat against Pict enemies. While they are grouped together you may deal and lined attacks to maximixr effects. During your battle, Seelie enemies may join the fight. This may help clear some Pict enemies. Continue clearing opponents in the area using attacks with an AoE if possible while approaching enemies that potentially have their back turned from the fight. Clear the first combat sequence to meet Sir Gawain. He will then join your party after the dialogue. Your objective will be marked on the map. 

second into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Visit the Sacred Circle 

If you make your way to the east corner of the map, you will be entering another combat area. You will have another objective to Save the Hunter. Clear this area from Pict enemies to continue. Speak to the hunter afterwards then continue towards your objective. Approach it to initiate a cutscene. 

sacred circle into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

You will then enter combat. You may need to take a few actions to approach them. Used ranged attacks when in range. After a few actions, Seelie enemies will join combat. You will have an added objective. 

  • Kill the Seelie Lord for his blood

Continue with combat. Be wary of the Seelie lord with 100 Vitality. It has a ranged javelin throw ability. Use your ranged attacks on the Seelie opponents. Wait for the Pict enemies to approach. In between turns, the Seelie and Pict enemies will launch attacks on each other as well. Use the combat area to your advantage. Use the stones and ruins to block yourself off from other ranged warriors.

Clear the area to continue. This will initiate a quick dialogue.

  • Ask the druid to call the Unseelie

unseelie into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Speak to the Druid to complete this objective. This will begin another combat battle. 

  • Kill the Lady of Winter for her blood

Clear this combat battle to continue. This will complete the objective allowing you to now enter the Deepwood. This will initiate a short cutscene. You will have a new objective,

Visit the Sidhe Shrine

there will be a body within the vicinity to inspect. Follow the trail of bodies to complete the new objective (Investigate the Unseelie murders.) This will lead you to the Faerie Knight. Continue through and you ay come across wisp lanterns. Interact with them to initiate the side objective: Light the Sidhe wisp Lanterns (3)

wisp lantern into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Wisp Lantern (1/3)

On your way to ht remain objective point, you may also encounter another combat area between two opponents. Join the battle and clear the area of Seelie and Unseelie. Once it is cleared continue towards the objective marker on the map. Follow the arrow on the minimap. 

You may encounter more Seelie and Unseelie enemies along the way. Clear them and continue to the objective point. Approach the objective point and Sir Gawain will tell you that you've reached the Sidhe Sanctum.

forest guardian into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide 600px min

Move forward to face the Forest Guardian and complete the dialogue. Enemies will them move in and you will need to focus on the enemies closest to you while taking note of the approaching enemy positions to ensure any one here does not become surrounded. 

Kill the guardians of the gate

If available, Shield charge at the closest enemy. Use Sir Gawain to Strike at any close enemies. Finsih them off with any ranged attack if available. Wait for the remaining enemies to take action and make their approach. Repeat the sequence. Approach any nearby enemies to get within strike range if needed. Try to keep at least two heroes together at a time. Once the glowing sphere enemies appear, clear them first, but emember that they are immune to fire and knockback attacks. 

Once the main enemy creatures are learned you can now leave the Deepwood through the gate. This will allow you to finish the mission. 




Into the Deepwood Map

map into the deepwoods main mission arthur knights tale wiki guide hd





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