Haste Potion



Haste Potion is a Potion in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Potions are consumables items that are used by a hero to obtain various buffs and effects such as restoring Hit Points (HP) and temporarily increasing the defenses and damage output of the character. Potions are randomly acquired through loot and rewards for completing Missions.


Haste Potion Information

  • Effect: __effect__
  • Sell Price: __sellprice__



Where to find Haste Potion

Note: Most Equipment and Items that are obtained as loot are acquired randomly, however, items obtained as rewards for completing a Mission aren't randomized.

  • Obtained as a reward for completing ???
  • Looted from ???
  • Dropped by ???



Haste Potion Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, tips, and other trivia


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