Globe of Protection

globe of protection sage skill king arthur knights tale wiki guide

Gains X Temporary HP for 2 Turns.

The amount of Temporary HP increases by 2 per level.

cooldown skill stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide Cooldown: 4 turn(s)

range skill stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide Range: --

action points stat icon king arthur kingts tale wiki guide 20px AP Cost: 5

Globe of Protection is a Sage Skill in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Active Skills are various actions that are used in combat, an active skill can either used as an offensive tactic to damage and inflict negative status ailments against Enemies or it can also be used to support yourself and your allies such as recovering HP or providing buffs and different effects. Passive Skills, on the other hand, grant permanent buffs and effects to the hero's stats and overall performance.


Globe of Protection Information


Globe of Protection List of Masteries

  • Discipline: AP Cost of Globe of Protection is reduced by 3.
  • Elemental Armour: +1 Armour while Globe of Protection is active.
  • Soul Warding: +20% Willpower and Constitution while Globe of Protection is active.
  • Dispel Magic: Casting Globe of Protection removes all negative effects from the Hero.


How to Unlock Globe of Protection

To find the skills, click on the portrait of the Hero (Character) in the World Map.

  • This skill requires 2 SP (Skill Points) for it to be unlocked.
  • Globe of Protection is a skill that can be found under the Heroes: Sir Leodegrance


Globe of Protection Notes & Tips

  • Globe of Protection King Arthur: Knight's Tale Notes, tips, and other trivia.



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