Essence of Bleeding Immunity

essence of bleeding immunity essence item king arthur knights tale wiki guide

Item Effect: Grants immunity to Bleeding to the selected Hero

Essence of Bleeding Immunity is an Essence in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Essences are consumables items that are used by a hero to obtain various buffs and effects, but unlike Potions, these effects are permanent and after they are consumed, gives permanent effect to the selected Hero. This action is irreversible. Essences can be obtained as rewards from completing Challenges.


Essence of Bleeding Immunity Information

  • Effect: Grants immunity to Bleeding to the selected Hero


Where to find Essence of Bleeding Immunity

Note: Equipment and Items obtained as loot and acquired as a reward for completing Missions are randomly dealt. However, a number of Essences can be gained as rewards from completing different Challenges found in the Challenges tab within the player's journal.

This Essence can be obtained from the following challenge:

  • Complete the Carnage Master Challenge: Kill 50 enemies with Bleeding


Essence of Bleeding Immunity Notes & Tips

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