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Type Status Effect

Bleeding is a Status Effect in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Status Effects can either be Debuffs or Damage over Time Effects. Status Effects can be inflicted against both enemies and players. Multiple Status Effects can affect the same Unit but if two instances of the same Status Effect are present simultaneously, only the stronger one will remain active for the Duration. Status Effects are only active and can be applied during an encounter or a match. If your hero was inflicted with a status effect and you win the match, the effect disappears.


Bleeding Information

Bleeding is a Damage over Time Status Effect. A Bleeding Unit suffers damage at the start of their Turns and for every Action they make. This Damage ignores Armour.

Physical Debuff Resist and Mental Debuff Resist don't affect Bleeding.


How to Cure Bleeding

Info on how to cure the status effect goes here.


Skills that Apply Bleeding

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Bleeding Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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