Besieged by the Undead

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Location Kingstone
Boss Lost Knight
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Besieged by the Undead is a Mission in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, this mission tasks players to defend the keep and cleanse the village. Missions are various tasks that a player can acquire and enlist throughout the game, missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


Lost Ones appeared at the village neighbouring Camelot and slaughtered almost everyone. The place is crawling with these walking horros, but a handful of men are still holding out. We can access the crumbling keep via secret passage, to reinforce the defenders and break the siege. The undead has no place at our doorstep!

Besieged by the Undead Recruitable Heroes

  • Hero 1


Besieged by the Undead Rewards


Besieged by the Undead Objectives

Defend the keep and cleanse the village

  1. Defend the gate


Besieged by the Undead Enemies

  1. Lost Commoner
  2. Lost Crossbowman
  3. Lost Knight


Besieged by the Undead Map

Map for this mission.


Besieged by the Undead Walkthrough

Defend the gate

Explore the area until you reach a battle. Defend the gate and clear the combat sequence. After the battle, continue making your way towards the questmarker. There will be an NPC in the area shown on the minimap as an indigo dot. You can invite the Shieldguard to join you for 100 gold. There will be a campire to take a rest before crossing the area into combat. Once you cross the red indicator, position your Heroes and begin your attacks. If available use your Bear traps to your text the line as the enemies will aggressively push toward you all at once.  This battle will be against a large number of enemies, but a majority of the enemies in this are can be defeated in just a few hits so focus on the ones closest to  you. Use ranged attacks when possible and defeat the accessible lower leveled enemies. Finally, defeat the Lost Knight when he is within range. Clear the battle to complete the mission. Loot the chest in the area before you finish the mission. This will contain a Rune for Ranged Weapons and some gold.



Besieged by the Undead Notes & Tips

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