Armour decreases the damage received. This determines how much damage you can lessen before receiving the true amount of damage from an attack.

Armour is a Stat in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Armour determines how less damage can be inflicted before taking true damage. Stats features the various attributes of the playable characters such as Heroes as well as the Enemies encountered in the game. There are various ways to increase the value of a stat such as equipping certain items such as Armour and Trinkets, as well as unlocking specific Skills and Masteries.



Equipment that Increases Armour

Listed below are the following equipment that can increase the value of Armour, take note that gaining buffs from a piece of equipment is only temporary and is only applied when it is equipped by the hero:


Skills and Masteries that Increases Armour

Each hero or class has its own set of Skills and each set of skills are grouped into three tiers. Each skill also involves its own set of Masteries that can further enhance the related skill. A hero can receive 2 Skill Points each time they level up, and SP (Skill Points) is used to unlock a skill or mastery. Unlocking buffs or passive skills are permanently added to the stats of a hero.

Skill/Mastery Name SP Cost Effect
Armourer 2 +25 HP from Armour type items.
Thick Skinned 1 Armour is increased by 1.
Lighten Armour 1 Heavy Armour items reduce 1 less AP.
Readiness 1 Gains 1 temporary Armour for every 3 unspent AP.


Armour Notes & Tips

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