A Cliff of Regrets

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A Cliff of Regrets is an Event in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Completing these events can yield special bonuses and rewards and the choices you make will ultimately affect certain features like the Morality Chart and the loyalty for the heroes that have joined the Round Table, some choices grants bonuses and some have consequences.


A steel-eyed iold man visited Camelot and asked for help from the Round Table. According to a sorrowful tale, there is a haunted cliff close to Camelot from which a princess threw herself into the depth to get rid of Avalon's shackles and find peace. Alas, the Lady's will cannot be denied so easily - the princess still haunts the place in the form of a Banshee. The old man has asked me, the protector of Camelot, to release that broken soul from suffering, and his village from her tormental wailing. The priests of the nearby St. Brendanus Cathedral have already tried everything, but the Christian ceremonies have failed so far.


How to Discover the A Cliff of Regrets Event

A player must meet these conditions in order to trigger this event:


A Cliff of Regrets Event Location


A Cliff of Regrets Event Choices

This event will expire after completing 3 missions regardless if it's a main or side mission after it's been available.

  • Send a hero to break the curse of the Banshee. Selected Hero will become unavailable for 1 Mission(s).
  • Ignore the plea.

After completing 1 Mission(s), the deployed hero will return. The outcome of this chained event are as follows:

Choosing any non old faith knight

  • Offer a drink to cheer up your champion.
  • Adds +20% XP for the knight.

 Choosing any old faith knight

  • Take the Purse and offer a cup of my finest wine
  • Adds +40% XP to the knight
  • Increase the knights loyalty by 2
  • Adds +300 gold.

A Cliff of Regrets Event Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia goes here.



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      Sir Ectar - Fail
      Offer a drink to cheer up my champion
      Adds 20% exp & recieve Injury

      Sir Tristain - Fail
      Offer a drink to cheer up my champion
      Adds 20% exp & recieve Injury

      Merlin - success
      Adds 40% exp, increase loyalty by 2 & 300 gold

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