A Burial Overdue

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A Burial Overdue is an Event in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Completing these events can yield special bonuses and rewards and the choices you make will ultimately affect certain features like the Morality Chart and the loyalty for the heroes that have joined the Round Table, some choices grants bonuses and some have consequences.


Sir Tegyr's former village, Ashdown has been saved from damnation, but the atrocities that have taken place there continue to haunt the place. The restless spirits of Tegyr's family have been plaguing the village ever since, with locals fearing that insanity will return one day. It would be time to end the past with a funeral ceremony - the only question is whether we are organizing it according to Old Faith or Christian traditions.


How to Discover the A Burial Overdue Event

A player must meet these conditions in order to trigger this event:


A Burial Overdue Event Location

  • This event takes place in: Ashdown


A Burial Overdue Event Choices

This event will expire after completing 3 missions regardless if it's a main or side mission after it's been available.

  • old faith morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Old Faith) Find a druid to appease the restless dead and break the curse of the Wasteland. (Requires 300 Gold)
  • christian morality personality king arthur knights tale wiki guide 136px (+1 Christian) Build a chapel and grant a resting place for Tegyr's family there. (Requires 150 Building Resources)


A Burial Overdue Event Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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